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Best Use Cases For Augmented Reality Devices

Best Use Cases For Augmented Reality Devices Augmented Reality Trends are changing in the blink of an eye. In just one short year after its release, that popular rock star of augmented reality apps was downloaded nearly a billion times, making it the biggest download in the entire world, and with the possibility of that… Read More »

Augmented Reality Trends

Augmented Reality Trends Augmented reality is the future of computing, it is said. Although virtual reality (VR) attempts to make an entirely Immersive experience, augmented reality (AR) takes a somewhat more modest approach by merely layering electronically created elements over the actual world. This can be done through the usage of specialized wearable devices, such… Read More »

Getting The Best Price on Google Glass

Getting The Best Price on Google Glass Google Glass is the hottest gadget of the moment. It’s a virtual reality headgear that allow users to surf the web, play games and perform other tasks by simply wearing it on their faces. But with such a high price tag, are you sure it is the best… Read More »

Augmented Reality Features That Will Revolutionize Travel

Augmented reality features on smartphones have been around for a while, but Google’s recent acquisition of Zagat means the time is right for even more innovation. The way a smart phone’s navigation abilities work can be greatly improved with additional data from GPS satellites and other sources. With this in mind, there are tons of… Read More »

Wearable Smart Glasses

Wearable smart glasses are one of the emerging trends that has taken the tech market by storm. These innovative glasses can do much more than their conventional predecessors and allow you to perform complex tasks even when you are sitting on the couch or bed. Unlike conventional eyeglasses, wearable smart glasses will provide you with… Read More »

The Benefits of Hololens Smart Sunglasses

The Benefits of Hololens Smart Sunglasses Hololens smart glasses are a revolutionary improvement in the eyewear industry. They take into account two main issues when it comes to improving the wearer’s vision and that is comfort and safety. The concept of Hololens was actually developed by a group of professional athletes. These athletes wanted to… Read More »

What Can Google Smartglass Do For You?

Smartglasses, also known as smartpens, are computer-generated glasses which add data to what the user sees or is told. Rather than traditional eyeglasses, smartglasses can be defined as computer-generated glasses which can alter their optical properties in real-time. With the additional information provided by the smartglasses, the user can be better guided while navigating through… Read More »

Augmented Reality Promotions

Augmented Reality Promotions Augmented reality promotion is one of the buzzwords of present times. What does this term mean? It means that you are using the Internet and other digital media to help in promotions. You can use the web camera, smart phones or tablets to capture images, videos, and so on. You can then… Read More »

Exciting Features of Google Glass

Google Glass is a new device from the giant search engine company. The product will allow individuals to use their smartphone as a portal into the world wide web. As a consumer, you may be asking yourself how this new technology works. If you have any suspicions as to how this device works, then you… Read More »

What Are Augmented Reality Sites?

Augmented reality (AR) sites are taking the web by storm. The reason is very simple: these web applications are incredibly fun and entertaining. People of all ages from all walks of life are experiencing augmented reality in the form of websites. They are a great way to get around town, learn new things, check out… Read More »