A Brief History of Augmented Reality

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A Brief History of Augmented Reality

If you have any idea what augmented reality is, then you probably also know that it involves the use of smart phones, wearable technologies and computers. Augmented reality (AR) is a type of technology where information and data are fed into a computer. This is done by way of a device called an augmented reality viewer, which projects the data or information onto the screen of a computer. There are many applications for augmented reality in today’s world. Some of these include:

You may not realize it, but you may already be using some form of augmented reality technology. Whether it is through your cell phone, your laptop or even your dedicated eye goggles, you will be able to see objects while they are in real life. This can be done through several ways. The most common methods are with the use of cameras, lenses, or with specialized software. One very innovative way of utilizing this technology is with the use of smart-glasses.

The best way to utilize augmented reality technology is to wear a pair of glasses or goggles that overlay real-life images onto the screen of a computer or cell phone. These glasses or goggles provide you with the ability to see real objects while they are also viewable on your computer screen. In short, it allows you to see objects through the eyes of your mind. Now this may sound like something that may be impossible, but new developments in this technology has made it possible.

In order to be able to enjoy augmented reality, it is important to use the right smart-glasses, or smart-glass. The types of smart-glasses vary between individuals and their needs. In general, the two main types of smart-glass are either fully-contained that requires the user to insert them into their eye sockets or a headset that contains a thin tube with a receiver and transmitter at the bottom portion of the glasses. A headset will also usually come with an array of cameras to aid in the transfer of data.

For companies that don’t currently own augmented reality maker technologies, there is a high likelihood that it will become one in the near future. There are multiple reasons as to why Apple and Google are the current market leader. The first reason is because they are the largest players in the mobile market. Second reason is because they have a strong customer base and because they have solid leadership. If these two companies didn’t exist then there would be limited competitors in the field of mobile devices. Currently, neither of these two companies have any major competitors within the current market leader and that holds true for almost all of the markets in which they compete.

Another reason why Apple and Google are the current market leader is because they do in fact research and develop augmented reality semiconductors on a month-to-month basis. That being said, it could be three years before either of these two companies have developed a product that can be sold to the general public. This means that you may have to wait another eighteen months before you could finally utilize these technologies in a product that you would use everyday. If this isn’t good news for you, then I don’t know what is. However, if this is good news for you then it should be good news for us because it means that there is a very high probability that we may soon see augmented reality products available to the general population on a variety of mobile devices.

One interesting piece of news that I wanted to include in this article was a bit of an inside scoop on the company that Apple currently owns. The company is currently working with a highly confidential and top secret company called secretive chip maker ARM Limited. This company has been working to develop augmented reality computers for approximately twenty-four months. We at least were able to obtain some information regarding this company through the research and development arm of Apple, so I hope that I was able to convince you that it makes sense for them to be working with this secretive chip manufacturer.

All of the information that I included in this article should be considered preliminary information only. There is no way to determine whether the rumors I mentioned are true or not. Still, I hope that this article has provided you with a different view on how and when augmented reality may be available to the public. If not, I would encourage you to stay tuned for future articles on my website so that you will be continuously updated on all the latest technology market research and developments concerning this exciting new technology.