A Brief Intro on Lenovo Augmented Reality Phone

The Lenovo augmented reality smartphone allows the user to seamlessly connect their smartphone to the real world through GPS. This is done with the help of a special application called Mirasol. In fact, it is one of the few smartphone devices that is capable of doing so. With the help of this app, the user can virtually step into anywhere he wants and explore the surroundings using his or her smartphone camera.

lenovo augmented reality

With the help of Mirasol, the smartphone in question can detect objects around it and determine its position. By doing so, the smartphone will prompt the user to interact with the chosen object. When it comes to location, the system will also help the user find the desired location and navigate there using the camera on board. In short, this smartphone does everything that a person could do on a smartphone, except it has the added advantage of helping out people who are visually impaired.

All of these functions are brought to the smartphone’s table by a pair of specialized cameras called the Lenovo Laptop AR Sense. The two cameras have the ability to detect objects up to nine feet away from the smartphone. Moreover, they can distinguish between solid and semi-solid objects. Aside from that, they can also discern depth up to 20 feet. This means that the smartphone’s screen is not covered at all times, which is ideal for those who need to use their hands to manipulate things.

The augmented reality feature of the smartphone is what makes it stand out from the pack. As early as this year, smart phone manufacturers have already launched several devices that support augmented reality technology. Now, smartphone users will just have to select from one of the many models available to do so. However, if you want to take the augmented reality technology to the next level, you will need the help of the best smartphone makers around.

For example, Lenovo has been a leader in the smartphone industry for quite some time already. Their smartphones have a sleek metal body that is almost unbreakable. Aside from that, they offer their customers plenty of useful features. These features make it easier for their customers to enjoy augmented reality using their smartphones.

For one, they are able to download the Google Maps application to their phones. This way, they are able to receive traffic information and directions right on the spot. They can also see restaurant reviews and find a good place to eat right away.

Apart from these important functions, the phone also comes with a high-end GPS chip. This helps to locate the user at any point in time. Furthermore, the device also comes with a powerful speaker. This enables users to enjoy their music with the latest augmented reality technology.

Apart, from all these functions, the smartphone manufacturers have also provided their devices with tons of features. All of these have made this product one of the most wanted smartphones in the market today. Apart from being stylish and useful, they are also packed with advanced technologies. Their presence has made it easier for smartphone users to experience augmented reality.

Augmented reality refers to the use of smartphones to provide computer-generated images and information to the users. It is mostly used by realtors to guide their clients around unfamiliar places. Realtors can use the device to spot potential homes based on different criteria. They could either be the price or the neighborhood’s proximity to the location of the potential home. With the help of their smartphone devices, users would be able to find a suitable home for them and their customers.

Apart from providing information about locations, users would also be able to find restaurants based on their preferences. These restaurants could either be listed on their smartphone search results or could be displayed as soon as they open. Most smartphone users love to check out new apps that would make their lives more interesting. If they have an upcoming social event, then they would definitely be checking out the smartphone app to see if there is a new app that offers them a discount or lets them earn extra points.

If you own a smart phone, you owe it to yourself to check out what the smartphone world has to offer. You may not immediately fall in love with it, but once you try it out, you will realize how useful and exciting augmented reality and smart phone technology can be. It is only a matter of time before augmented reality becomes a household name.