A Brief Introduction On Sony Smart Glass

Sony’s Smart Glass is an innovative device that has the ability to connect people through the internet anywhere and at anytime they are. The device has the capacity to surf the internet, play online games and connect with family and friends. It helps in making life easier for the users and is a great device for education purposes as well. To create a better way of life, people use Sony’s Smart Glass and enhance their lifestyle by interacting with others while being mobile. So, what is so special about the Smart Glass?

sony smart glass

Sony’s Smart Glass is a fully featured handheld tablet computer that offers many benefits to the users. PROJECT BRIEF has developed Sony Smart Glass application that is specifically designed for visually impaired people to make them more independent and less dependent on other people on the roads Sony Smart Glass can be easily carried around and will give the operator complete guidance in getting the destination done. Operators can send commands to the tablet by means of a text message to voice feature and then the operator s assistance will reach the intended user by text message to voice feature. Moreover, the application will also work when the user turns his head out of the screen. In this way, the user will not be harmed at any cost.

The text message to voice feature allows the operator to talk directly to the person using Sony’s Smart Glass. This communication system also integrates with the email and contacts to help in organizing day to day work in an effective manner. Moreover, it also integrates with the calendar to provide the user with the information on upcoming events.

The calendar allows the user to check upcoming events, reminder to get ready and also remind to schedule meetings. This text messaging feature also integrates with the GPS enabled phones to provide directions to the destination entered by the user. Moreover, you can even send text messages to multiple contacts and you are saved from composing multiple message messages on one phone.

Apart from this, Smart Phone provides users with the option of browsing the internet on the go. You can browse the internet anywhere even while walking on the road! Moreover, you can also access your email on the move using Microsoft Exchange.

Furthermore, you can also send SMS to anyone using Sony’s Smart Phone. You can select from the available options of text message formats like SMS, MMS, and LPR. These SMS are easily recognized by the mobile phone operators and it will not let you down to send these messages on their phone. Users can also use the camera to send images and videos. Apart from this, you can also make calls from the handset such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and other popular mobile phone devices.

Apart from this, you can also synchronize the contacts from your email, calendar, contacts, and Google calendar. This Smartphone also comes with a number of utilities and tools that can be helpful for you in terms of business. Users can upload all the necessary files, folders, documents etc to the phone to organize their work. They can even create PDF documents from the phone. As many users may be aware, PDF documents can be sent to a number of different users via email. But, this is often a complicated task and so Smart Glass is a nice way of doing it.

Apart, from all these amazing features, Sony Ericsson’s smartphone also has a very simple user interface, which is extremely easy to operate. The phone is designed in such a way that it does not require any complicated set up or any extra software. You can simply install the phone on your laptop, connect the Bluetooth adapter to the laptop, and you can start using the smart phone even without the help of an expert user.