Achieving Health, Safety, and More With Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

augmented reality contact lenses

Achieving Health, Safety, and More With Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Augmented reality (above) is poised to revolutionize not only how we see the outside world, but how we do things ourselves. Some big-name tech companies have already gotten into the act! The future starts now! Here’s a closer look at 7 exciting new developments in the realm of augmented reality contact lenses. We’re going to list them and give a brief description of what they’re and what they can do for you. By the end of this article you’ll be more informed on what these amazing devices can do.

A conventional contact lens is only able to do what the eye is telling it to do. But as soon as the user wants to use their eyes free, the lens needs to be able to do something else. This is where augmented reality contact lenses come in.

In our lives, many things happen without us even noticing it. For example, your cell phone could vibrate when you pick it up in a crowded area. If you pick up the phone again, the battery is likely to run down. In addition, you may pick up an item and forget to glance at it again to see if there’s a signal. These kinds of things are already happening with augmented reality contact lenses!

As the technology behind smart lenses develops further, we will be able to take full advantage of what they can offer us. For instance, right now you can activate your GPS system just by looking at it. But if you have ar lenses, you could use your smart lens contacts to turn on your Global Positioning System (GPS) just by looking at it. This means that you could go somewhere and not have to depend on someone else’s GPS system to help you get there.

This is only the beginning. Lenses will soon let you “see” the real world around you. Think about it – you don’t need a TV, computer, or PlayStation to experience augmented reality contact lenses, because what you’re actually seeing is the information being fed into your brain! This means that you can truly enjoy the sights and sounds in the real world, instead of just having to turn your head to read the subtitles.

In addition, with augmented reality contact lenses you won’t have to worry about losing the information. You can always look at it again. For example, if you are driving and need to make a U-turn, you will be able to simply turn your head to look at your navigation system or your hands to look for the buttons on your steering wheel. Once you’ve looked at it enough times, you will be able to see that you’ve made the right turn.

With the introduction of ar-contact lenses, glucose levels will be able to be monitored just like it is done in real life. As long as you keep your eyes fixed on the display screen, you’ll know just how low or high your blood sugar levels are. As long as you’re keeping an eye on the numbers, you’ll never miss a trick health tip that’s been passed down through generations of doctors and even baby boomers.

Finally, augmented reality contact lenses could provide more safety. Medical researchers have found that when a patient wearing glasses sees their own image superimposed over that of a real person, they tend to focus on objects less. This leads to less awareness when it comes time to drive, and even collision avoidance. If your doctor gives you an ar contact lens as a trial run, then you’ll likely see how much safer your eyesight can be. The technology is still a ways off from being completely foolproof, but these early tests have shown that the benefits of this technology are very real. We may not be able to fully manipulate the world around us, but we can surely improve our vision by wearing AR eyewear.