All You Need to Know About Augmented Reality Apps for Android

It has been a long time coming, but now there are Android applications that can take the world by storm and make it look like you have something that is real. If you think about it, there is probably someone in your home or office that is reading this right now. These augmented reality apps for Android have become very popular for their ability to turn what you see on your screen into something that you can touch and feel.

Augmented reality is basically the idea of creating the digital image around you with a computer. This can be anything from an object that you see on the internet, to a video game, to an advertisement on TV. While most people think of a computer as being computer software, there is no reason why these augmented reality apps for Android can not be just as much fun and exciting to use as the ones you see online.

One example of an app that is now available on the Google Play store that takes this technology to new heights is Google Cardboard. You may have seen this before, but it has turned into a huge hit and has even made its way to Apple’s App Store. The Cardboard app gives you the ability to literally have a virtual card board in front of you while you use the phone, letting you see how it looks without actually touching it.

With Google Cardboard, you are able to see the virtual image with the camera on your phone, instead of trying to touch it with the display. Instead, you simply point the camera at the card and it will magically come to life on your phone. It is amazing, and the more you use it, the more you will realize how much fun it is to simply turn on the camera, put your hand in front of the screen and have an augmented reality app for Android appear on your screen.

There are many different options that can help you with this. Some examples include ones that give you the ability to adjust the size of the image or those that allow you to change its position in real time so that you can change the appearance of the virtual object. There are also options that allow you to have the virtual object move around on your screen so that you can see it as if it was really in front of your face.

However, while all these are great for giving you the ability to see how the image looks as if you were actually holding the item, you can also use the Cardboard to actually use it as a real product. If you have a friend over and you would like them to see how the item looks as if they were holding it, the Cardboard is ideal for this. With this, you can show them a 3D version of the product that they can hold and feel as if they were actually holding it.

There are many different uses for this application that you may want to explore. Perhaps you have friends that travel often and would like to show your friends how you look on the trip or how they would look if they had an iPhone next to you. Or maybe you want to take pictures at a certain event and want to make sure that you get an accurate representation of yourself in front of a crowd without actually getting a closer look at yourself.

For those that live in a rental property that you have rented out to others, you can actually view your image in the area before you get your keys. This can really help you get to know the person that you are renting to so that you can be sure you know them better when you are actually talking to them. Using these types of augmented reality apps for Android is the future of technology and it is something that is quickly becoming a must have for everyone.