Apple Is gearing Up to Launch the Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

apple virtual reality glasses

Apple Is gearing Up to Launch the Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

Apple has just announced its new line of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses with a focus on the entertainment industry. These will hopefully reach the public sometime in the near future. An article entitled ‘The Information’ which reveals the inner workings of Apple’s new VR glasses has been released.

The’iTune Magic’ is said to be the most advanced of the ‘vr headsets’. The feature set includes two cameras inside the front of the lenses. One of them is used for image capture and the other for displaying 3D graphics. The glasses also include built-in white balancing and a spatial awareness system for adjusting the display.

This is the first of many new augmented reality devices from Apple to be launched. The next one is called the ‘Google Cardboard’, which according to the reports, will use the same technology used by Samsung in the Gear VR. Both these devices are supposed to run on the same apps, which can be downloaded free of cost. They are meant to help users ‘envision the world around them’. It is believed that these glasses will be priced at a similar level as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Currently there are a few mobile headsets available in the market. But the feature-set and the features of Apple’s new glasses are much more advanced than any mobile headsets. Besides allowing the user to enjoy virtual reality through their gaze, the headsets also make use of occult Rift technology to project three-dimensional images on to real-life objects. According to the research conducted by Cisco, a recent study by McKinsey found that businesses which adopted a digital signage approach saw an average increase in sales of thirty percent.

A lot has been speculated about the way in which the Apple plans to market these virtual reality glasses and whether they will be successful or not. It is expected that the company will adopt a dual-reality strategy whereby the consumer may experience both the worlds using the same device. If this strategy is successful, it is expected that Apple will come up with a few other virtual reality products such as image credit systems, image search, digital answering machines and video teleconferencing among others. All these products will be priced at a similar level to the iPhone and iPod.

Apple has revealed very little about the innovative new products. However, Apple executive and designer, Jony I’ve, have confirmed that the company’s vision for augmented reality glasses is not far away from becoming a reality. He further added that the company’s future technologies would be able to bring users together with their computers. It is not clear whether these glasses will be adopted as the standard solution for the visually impaired or whether they will provide more specific functionality. There have also been speculations that it may be the first virtual reality device to incorporate an LCD screen.

In addition to augmented reality smart phones and handheld computer solutions, Apple is expected to adopt similar methods of interaction as that used in the iPhone and iPod Touch, namely through image credit. Image credit will be displayed on the user’s glasses when they use the device and if they approach the camera, the images will be automatically added to the display. Image credit will also be provided on objects you interact with during your day to day life, according to the product specification. This suggests that the future of mobile computing may see greater integration of electronic devices such as cameras, processors, mobile phones, touch screens, video surveillance equipment and other electronic components.

The details available till now suggest that the technology used in the Apple iPhone is similar to that used in the Valve Index Vr Headset, but the company has not yet revealed the precise mechanisms behind its image credit feature. However, it is assumed that the same optical tracking software used in the Valve Index Vr Headset will be incorporated in the new Apple iPhone. The company has also not yet confirmed whether it will release a consumer version of its VR headsets, which will be compatible with the new models of Valve’s popular VR gaming console. Valve’s own website does not mention anything about releasing a consumer version, so it is not clear whether the company is planning to make an official release of its VR headsets or not. However, reports indicate that the company has decided to launch the consumer version of its VR solution after launching the private beta version two months ago. Although there are no definitive announcements from either company, it is safe to assume that the two companies are gearing up to launch a consumer version of their successful augmented reality smart phone and handheld computer solution in the near future.