Apple’s Early Stage Forecast For augmented Reality

augmented reality forecast

Apple’s Early Stage Forecast For augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the future of smartphones and mobile apps. What you can do on your phone or tablet these days is incredible. You can check your email or text your friends while the weather outside your window is perfect. You can navigate a new airport and get real-time information about flights, trains, taxis, etc…With just the touch of a button.

The reason why augmented reality is such an amazing idea that Google and Apple are working so hard to make it a reality is simple. The main money behind this type of technology is Google’s deep pockets and the desire to own the future. They see user interface design right now as something that must be taken seriously by everyone in the industry. This means they will have to create the best smartphone or tablet around in order to grab the attention of consumers.

In order to meet this challenge, both Google and Apple have designed very intuitive interfaces for their respective platforms. Apple’s iPhone and iPad offer tons of options for active users. For example, you can download apps that let you plan your entire vacation in advance or even find restaurants nearby your hotel. If you’re like me and don’t want to waste a dime, you can set up multiple accounts with different companies in order to gain access to all of these services without spending a dime.

Google’s Android mobile operating system is really offering something unique though. The reason why Google is so serious about developing augmented reality on mobile devices is because it allows them to capture the entire user experience. If you’re at a business conference and need to quickly look up the next desk, you just snap your fingers on your smartglasses and look up. If you need directions from the airport to your hotel in New York, then you simply wave your smartglasses over the scene and get a quick map of the hotel and its surroundings.

These types of experiences are truly going to change how businesses operate. Even though Google has only recently been in the augmented reality game, they’ve been building up apps for a while. One such app, called Project Sun, lets users create augmented reality websites right from their smartphones. Another, called Latitude, allows businesses to take advantage of their existing mapping data to provide localized travel information. Neither of these apps will be available to everyone at some point, but they are both headed in the same direction.

Apple has also announced that they’ll be releasing an iOS 9 mobile operating system that will enable users to access their analytics platform. Already, many of their current iPhones are equipped with the iOS Analytics application, but this will give them access to even more detailed user information. The idea is that businesses will be able to tell exactly what their customers want, which means that they’ll be able to create unique experiences that still manage to make money. With the 900 million active iPhones in the world, this could be a huge boon to the entire mobile industry.

Now that we know what augmented reality is and what its potential is, it’s time to look at what Apple is planning to do to take it to the next level. Right now, the company has said that they have “no plans” for an iAd competitor, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on it. It’s just that they’re not talking about it. We’ve heard rumors that say that they’re working on a new gaming console, possibly one of the PlayStation devices, and that they may be planning a new virtual reality platform for the iPad. Whether those rumors are true or not, we already know that augmented reality is the key to Apple’s future.

They already have an established foothold in the mobile industry through their App Store and their experience with the iPhone and iPad. They’re developing applications for these devices and making billions of dollars in revenue a year. In order to take their success to the next level, they need to extend their innovation into new areas such as augmented reality. Their current business plan doesn’t quite fall into place, but their early stage augmented reality forecast is well worth watching.