Arktika Brings Augmented Reality to the Home

Augmented reality has been around for quite some time. It was first developed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a means of providing visual enhancements to soldiers on the battlefield. Now it is utilized by many different industries. Augmented reality has come a long way since the early days of development. There are now many ways to utilize it. One of the latest industries to utilize this technology is gaming.

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What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a new technology which virtually puts a 3D virtual image into a real-life experience. This gives the user the feeling that the object is actually existing in front of them in the real world. AR is commonly used in augmented reality gaming, greatly engaging more senses and bringing a richer experience to players. However, there are also other uses for these smart apps which were created to help people find information or do other tasks.

Some of the most popular augmented reality apps include games. People can play augmented reality sports such as bowling, baseball, and soccer. Other apps focus on business. Businesses can use these smart apps to conduct business simulations which include planning out campaigns, negotiating deals, and managing resources. Some business even conduct business virtually using these apps, such as hotels, resorts, and doctor’s offices.

Vuforia is another popular smart technology, which is utilized by many different industries. Vuforia is an invisible tracker worn on a user’s hand or feet. The Vuforia system is capable of tracking both temperature and blood flow. Most of the tracking happens behind the subject’s back, but Vuforia is capable of detecting movement and it is able to locate a subject even if they are moving. This technology has been extremely useful in helping search and rescue teams locate missing persons.

There are also several AR home goods and home security applications available on the market today. An an app designed for home goods can include items such as a vacuum cleaner that will track the number of steps the cleaner has made. The best kind of augmented reality home good or service is the one which uses natural materials inside of the home. In addition to having the ability to sense the dimensions of furniture, clothing, and other objects, the ar app should be able to tell whether these materials are suitable for certain rooms in the house.

One of the most exciting augmented reality smartphone apps do is Arktika, which is being developed by SocialDeck. Arktika is similar to a Vuforia tracking device, but it is a much more versatile piece of software. Instead of solely tracking temperature and blood flow, this set can track information from a variety of different sensors within the home. This includes light, heat, and even resistive and reflective devices. Users will be able to log into their account from any smartphone, and the information they have stored will always be up-to-date.

Not only can Arktika track temperature and other biological readings, but the set can also log into an account using biometric data, as well as accessing and updating information from smart phones. This means that users can log into their accounts from anywhere with a smartphone, and they will always know the current temperature of their home goods. In addition to tracking biological data, Arktika can also monitor electronic items, such as televisions and other household electronics. This allows users to maintain an inventory of their goods, as well as monitor and track anything else that they might need to do in order to remain fully functional during any given day. Home goods and services that can be augmented by Arktika include: cleaning services, dry cleaning, and hairdressing services.

With the power of the smartphone and the help of Arktika’s augmented reality apps, the possibilities for consumers and businesses are almost limitless. Users don’t just have to be concerned with the health of their home, or the safety of their home and family. With the help of Arktika and the smartphone, people can monitor their business operations in an efficient manner, and they can also access and update information about their products and services from anywhere they happen to be. For more information on how Arktika can help you, contact the company today.