Augmented Reality Glasses – What Are They?

This is the future of augmented reality glasses and you are probably already using augmented reality technology in some form or another. You may be aware that it is here and that it is transforming the way we live our lives. We all know what augmented reality glasses are and you may already have some of them on your smart phone or gaming device. Some of us may still be using the concept on paper or on your computer, but many are jumping into augmented reality technology head first. Why? Well for one reason only.

The reason why business entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts, media professionals and others are taking an interest in this technology that has been around for quite a while now is because they can help their company or organization achieve more. With augmented reality glasses technology you can have the perfect image to present to potential clients. Imagine if you are trying to sell some real estate to a client. If you presented them with an image of the house front, side and roof that were augmented with properties around it, they may decide to see it for themselves before they decide whether to buy it or not. In fact, they may end up choosing to move on if they don’t like the image at all.

Now think about using the same technology for education. Suppose you were presenting information about a new augmented reality smartphone to a room full of smart phones users. They all have the latest models and you are showing an image of one of them which is an expensive phone that they are dying to get their hands on. However, they have no idea how the phone works and what applications it has. With augmented reality smart glasses they would be able to understand the technology and know where to go for accessing the right data.

Google’s Project Glass could be the first big leap that mobile device manufacturers take to exploit augmented reality glasses technology on the go. With the ability to provide eye tracking, image stabilization and video streaming to a wearer, this gadget will transform how we work. Imagine being able to get directions to your destination in real time just by looking at your smartphone screen. How easy will it be to reach a coffee shop, a restaurant or even your office?

The other advantage is that it can replace a number of bulky computer systems. Your smart phone can be used as a navigation system as well as a map reader. Imagine walking through the woods and spotting a bear. With augmented reality glasses you could simply wave the phone in front of you and it will show you where the nearest shelter and other food sources are. Will that scenario still sound far fetched to you? If you think that the applications of smart phone augmented reality glasses are only limited to the entertainment market, then think again.

Soon ar smart glasses will also revolutionize the medical industry. Currently, computers and surgeons are using complex images from MRI scans and Computer aided heart surgery programs to pinpoint damaged areas of the heart muscle. But it took doctors years to perfect their vision and computer databases with millions of images and hundreds of measurements. With the power of augmented reality glasses it will not only be much faster and easier for the surgeon to navigate through the images, but also he will be able to make faster calls and more accurate descriptions of his procedure. It’s clear that this technology will completely revolutionize the medical profession.

Now that we know how smart glasses with augmented reality can change our lives, it is important to understand the different types of augmented reality technology that is available. One of the most popular methods involves the use of GPS smart phones. Many cell phone retailers sell GPS smart phones with special applications already installed. These devices allow you to find where you are on the earth and give you locations such as your hotel, your home, restaurants, parks, and so on. You can also keep track of your mileage and see where you are going with the help of voice commands.

One of the most interesting applications of augmented reality glasses is the use of the halogens 2 technology. Hololens 2 technology is being used in select retail establishments around the world. The original hololens glasses were developed by Smith and Nephew a few years ago and they have since been improved upon. They are similar to traditional bifocals, but they have a small lens that allows light to pass through it. When you place your finger over the lens, you can see the real image displayed clearly, even in bright sunlight. Since the lenses of halogens 2 are much smaller than those of regular glasses the images that you see through them are crisp and clear.