Augmented Reality in Apple Smart Glasses

As if the iPhone wasn’t enough to convince us of the need for Apple smart glasses, the company’s own research and development arm have confirmed that we’re right to be concerned. In an investor’s letter this week, the Applied Sciences Research Corporation (ASRC) detailed two new projects with the goal of bringing Apple smart glasses to market.

One of the projects is a project called iSpy Eye, which is focused on the development of software for Apple’s own spyware program. The software will be able to be installed remotely on a Mac and collect information such as keystrokes and video frames as well as taking images at different angles. The data will then be sent via wireless Bluetooth to an iPhone, where the images will be saved to an application. This type of spyware is extremely popular among hackers are likely to target this program in order to gain access to confidential data.

Another application being developed by ASRC is called the iNaturalist, which will allow users to access live feeds from anywhere in the world using cellular phones or Bluetooth headsets. The app will be similar to a virtual wildlife guide, showing images of the area around the user’s current location. The idea behind this is to allow people to view the area around them through their cell phone screen rather than having to visit parks and zoos.

If you think that these apps don’t have anything to do with Apple’s own products, you’re right – they may seem to have nothing to do with the iPhone itself, but they actually do. In fact, one of the most likely uses of this technology is to allow users to see the live feed of their iPhone at a nearby restaurant, so that they can enjoy their meal even if they’re away from their home.

However, the applications don’t stop there; ASRC also plans on releasing several new applications each year. It’s very likely that Apple’s smart glasses will be competing with the likes of Google Glass in the years to come, as developers continue to develop applications and accessories to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of augmented reality.

Apple’s goal is to release an accessory or two each year, including things such as a pair of contact lenses and eyewear for use at sporting events. In addition to that, the company is likely to release a camera, speaker, mouse and Bluetooth headset device for use in conjunction with the glasses. As time goes by, Apple may also provide developers with more options to integrate additional functions into their smart glasses, including a built-in translator and voice recognition.

While it would be nice to believe that Apple’s augmented reality is just another gimmick, it’s possible that the company’s augmented reality is already here to stay. If the company is planning to launch their own mobile phone or tablet for instance, then it could help the company move forward with their plan and perhaps pave the way towards future devices that can be used in conjunction with glasses.

If this does happen, then augmented reality has already arrived. Hopefully, it will allow individuals to view their environment without the need for conventional glasses, thus allowing them to do much more with their day-to-day lives.

If you want to see the future for yourself, then make sure you keep up with developments in wearable tech device. This technology, whether in your cell phone or your smart glasses, is going to continue to evolve over time, which means you’re going to learn new tricks along the way.

With this in mind, there’s no reason to assume that augmented reality in your smart glasses is a fad that will go away any time soon. Instead, you should continue to keep your eyes on the trends and look for new innovations to come, because they are sure to emerge as we work our way into the future.

The world looks very much different from your point of view right now, which is one of the reasons why augmented reality in glasses has become so popular with the media. As long as you stay on top of the technology, you’re likely to find the best in the business.