Augmented Reality TV Apps: What Are They?

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Augmented Reality TV Apps: What Are They?

Augmented reality is the use of computer generated imagery to give you a virtual view of your real world. In other words it is a form of digital design where you have a view of the real thing in your environment, but with additional information added that creates a very convincing effect. Most of the time this information comes in the form of computer generated images. A typical example would be a camera seeing an animal, or a car moving across the street.

There are many applications for augmented reality screens. You can use it for mapping and surveying and even inspecting. It can also be used to train drivers with the use of head-tracking to help them avoid potentially dangerous situations. The great thing about these screens is that they take away a lot of the work of actually driving by giving you a visual representation of the road ahead. They also make it possible to add in all sorts of other variables that you may want to factor into the simulation.

For example, one thing you could do is add weather reports and the local weather in addition to other variables. Think of how great it would be to have an app that combines your GPS with weather forecasts and lets you see the temperature in your air conditioning. This is just one example, there are so many possibilities. Another way one might use an augmented reality screen is to create a traffic simulator. With this type of app you drive through a city, scan the street and see the traffic patterns, learn about car accidents and pedestrians and much more. By combining these two things you can get a very accurate idea as to how others around you are driving.

Another great use for augmented reality screen is to enhance the wow effect of your content. Have you ever seen some really amazing augmented reality applications like the one from Yahoo where you can see your house in 3D? How about Google Maps where you can add in street maps, see the street view, get driving directions and much more. The ability to add actual objects to your experience is one of the biggest draws to these types of apps.

One of the most common uses is the augmented reality that is added to popular television shows like HBO. When you watch Game of Thrones, you will get a lot of the action from the camera view and be able to actually feel what is happening. You can turn your head to look like you are part of the action or move your hands to physically control your characters on screen. In fact, many programmers are working on augmented reality applications that will let users change up their looks just like they would on their television set. It will basically look like the character is actually standing next to you!

If you have not already checked out the Google project called imaginationsuit which is a way for you to build augmented reality applications around pictures and videos. The system will let you see a video you want on your TV without having to actually download the picture to your computer or connect to the internet. Instead you simply need to imagine that the video is being shown on your TV by using a projector on your phone or projection screen. You will then be able to use the phone’s camera to focus on where the video is in real life. This is just one of the many demos that Google is running with this technology but it is certainly an interesting application.

Another fun application lets you type the name of a restaurant into the virtual keys that appear on your smartphone. You simply point to the location on the map and then you have access to all the menu, pricing information, etc. Of course, this application does not work with all phones or with all screen sizes. Another important consideration here is that this type of augmented reality tv app will work with almost any vendor’s software. In other words, you could have a Yahoo! Answers answer with this application or it could even work with Google’s own take on one of their maps.

These are just a few of the augmented reality apps being worked on by different companies and with each one they bring some exciting features along. As you can see, there are quite a few ways that this type of technology can be used. It has been especially useful for business people who travel a lot and want to give themselves more convenience by being able to keep up with real time business news on their mobile devices. Think about the possibilities here and make sure that you think about the ways that you would like to see augmented screens on your phones and in your favorite smart phones. This could be the next big thing when it comes to mobile technology.