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Buy Google Glass Online

Google has just announced a new official accessory shop for Google Glass, according to reports first shared at a private Google Glass forums for Explorers. This shop appears to be a part of the main ‪Glass› control panel, which all Explorers use on their phone to manage all their applications and device settings.

According to the report, Google is not currently planning on launching a physical Google Glass website but is rather working with developers to make sure all its existing tools and features can be accessed from Google Glass’s new official online store. These tools include the Google Glass developer console, a portal where users can create, upload, update and manage Glass apps; Google+ community where users can share tips, reviews, and comments about apps they have developed; as well as Google Play, where users can download new applications for free.

Though Google has yet to officially launch the app store, the forum suggests that users who own Glass will need to go to the new website to get access to its tools. This may be because the store’s interface is expected to mimic the web interface of Google’s search engine.

Google also recently launched a new website called Google Glass Connects, where users can read articles and find other relevant information related to the latest gadgets and devices. For example, users can read the latest news about Google’s Glass, as well as the latest updates on new features for Google’s Android Wear OS. The site also serves as a hub for the official Explorer program and encourages users to share information and reviews on their experiences with Google Glass.

In the same vein, another major component of the new website is Google’s Google+ page, which let users interact with one another as they share information, reviews and ideas on using Google’s new mobile social network. This page shows up after logging into the official Google+ community and serves as a place where people can easily ask questions and connect with fellow Explorers via its forum and profile pages. Users can also get updates on the latest news, features, updates on Google’s forthcoming applications, and the latest products.

In order for users to buy apps or other services directly from Google, they must sign up as an Explorer, which requires a little fee. A person may also opt to become a full-fledged Google Glass user, which allow him to browse Google’s app store, view photos and watch videos, take notes and even access the Google’s new voice-recognition technology and more.

As for the Google Glass accessories, Google is yet to announce any specific store where the company plans to sell its gadgets. However, users can get their hands on special lenses and cases, as well as accessories including eyeglasses, frames, chargers and headphones, Bluetooth headsets and more.

However, the website is the best source to learn more about Google Glass, as the official developer console allows users to get more detailed information on Google’s latest products and new features, according to user feedback. Developers who want to contribute to the platform can register for a developer account, download the latest SDKs, and share their ideas and thoughts.

Other than that, users are also encouraged to share their ideas and feedback through the Google+ community on a regular basis, which helps developers to work together more closely to make Google Glass better and more functional for users. Google’s official developer console also offers a complete list of available apps, while its Android developer hub serves as the official portal for all Google Android devices.

Google Glass can be a wonderful gadget and can serve as a very useful tool in helping users access information at a glance. While the Explorer program can serve as a great learning tool, it can also be used as a means to surf the Internet, catch up on news, play games, communicate with friends, take photos, and much more.

If you want to purchase Google Glass, make sure to register for an account now so that you will be able to access all the perks and benefits that the platform has to offer. and start using it on your own terms.