Google Glass Alternatives

The first Google Glass alternatives are already here – and they are not going away anytime soon. The first Google Glass product was just launched last month, and so far there are more than a few dozen applications already available to those who want to be part of the new technology revolution. What does it take for companies to successfully compete in this growing space? The functionality packed into new model 1 of Google Glass is pretty much what one would come to expect: the power to take pictures and videos (with live streaming), access maps, speak with people, send messages, Google search and many other features.

google glass alternatives

While many believe that the primary goal of the company behind Google Glass is simply to give people easy access to their Google profile information, others see it more clearly as a way to foster telepathy one simply won’t have at a typical coffee shop or bookstore. Imagine being able to converse with people across the world using nothing but the power of your eye. With the introduction of Google Glass, this is exactly what could become a reality. In fact, Vuzix, a leading manufacturer of smart glasses technologies has partnered with Google to deliver their own line of Glass alternatives. The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses is geared toward a particular market, one that traditional eyewear simply can’t address.

It starts with Google’s recent acquisition of Skype, a service which has been around for quite some time. When they bought it, they made a commitment to incorporating it into all of their future products. As a result, Skype has been integrated seamlessly into Google Glass and the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are designed with ease of use in mind. That means that anyone who wants to use the power of Google will be able to do so seamlessly. If you have eyesight problems currently getting in the way of your ability to use standard glasses, then this may be the perfect solution for you. You will be able to take advantage of the many features present on both Google’s original epiphany eyewear and their new smart glasses offering.

In order to enjoy the benefits of these products, it is important to understand exactly how they work. Google’s approach to the technology involved in smart glasses is much like their approach to delivering car alarms to ensure that you remain aware of the road and remain safe. They recognize that people will often forget to look down and remove their glasses when entering and exiting a vehicle, therefore they have introduced hands-free options as part of their comprehensive smart phone integration offerings. With the introduction of Google Glass you never have to forget to put them down, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Just like their car alarm innovation, the Google M100 smart glass is designed to be completely hands-free, so there is no other requirement for you to remove your glasses. In terms of design, Google has aimed the product primarily toward those who are either slightly near or farsighted, and uses sophisticated optics to ensure that your eyes are clearly visible through the lens. You can use the M100 through the same applications that you would use on an epiphany eyewear, and thanks to the lightweight nature of the unit, it can also be carried around easily. The downside to the unit is that it does not offer any significant benefit when you compare it to those that require you to remove your glasses, including the ever increasing expense of purchasing corrective lenses.

Just as the M100 smart glass alternative is geared toward those with slightly nearsightedness, there are also other options available in the form of smart phone applications and other programs. One of the most interesting applications is the telepathy one, which has been developed by Trek Digital. Telepathy is the ability to transfer your thoughts between another person through their mind. If you have ever wanted to have a one-on-one psychic reading or want to develop immediate telepathic communication abilities, then you may want to give the telepathy one a try. There are also a variety of apps that can be downloaded from the Google play store that are geared toward developing telepathy abilities.

The vuzix m100 smart glasses is also geared toward those with farsightedness, as it has been designed to read lips and understand where someone is looking. It also comes with a handy remote and comes packaged with a collection of books on basic vision care as well as several different magazines. If the telepathy one is not enough, then there are still other options that you may want to look into. The vuzix ultra technology smartglasses and vuzix goggles are also designed with specific needs in mind. Both of these products are designed to keep your eyes free of glasses whenever they are worn. They also come with their own unique collection of accessories such as clip holders, lens cleaning cloths and disposable protective eye wear.

Whether it is simply learning more about another person’s life or becoming more intelligent and having more telepathic communication with others, the possibilities are endless. Although these are not the only alternatives for Google Glass, these two products certainly represent the most popular ones. And with more research still being done on the human brain and its capabilities, there is no telling how far these glasses will go.