Google Glass – Is It Different Than Your Glass?

Google Glass is the next generation of contact lenses, and Google is looking to change the way we do things. The idea is to give people access to the internet at all times, with no need to take off their glasses. Currently, Google will be hosting a service called Glassfier, where you can register your Google Glass for free and then add on to it whenever you want. This would let you have everything loaded right at the front of your mind whenever you need it. It also allows you to stream information from anywhere, to any speaker, as long as they have a connection to the internet.

One of the biggest features will be access to the web at anytime, anywhere. It could be used to view maps, Google Now cards, and much more. As long as you have charged your Glass, you will have access to all of this information. When I wore the glasses, it was difficult to read the information on the screens because of the small font, but once I charged them up, everything became crystal clear. There is even an integration between Gmail, Google+ and Google Places, so all your contacts will be listed right there, as well as information from YouTube.

The other huge feature of Glass, that nobody wants to miss, is being able to take information on the go. The idea is that when you are out and about and see something interesting, you can take the information with you. You could then post it on your Google+ account or share it through text or email.

The only issue with the technology right now, is that not many people have Glass yet. Currently, the design of the glasses has not been finalized. You will need to backorder them, get them fitted and then wait for them to come in. Since they are costly, most people won’t bother. There will be a special price in place, though, if you want to get a pair immediately. Right now, the best places to find Google Glass are at stores like Best Buy and Office Max.

Google plans to release several updates to the product. They are currently working on the GPS feature. This would allow you to get exact directions to a restaurant, your hotel, or anywhere you want to go. If you happen to be traveling somewhere where English is their primary language, this could be extremely handy. Plus, the feature will allow you to get more accurate information, so that you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Google is also working on improving voice recognition. Right now, it is only able to recognize what you say. However, it can sometimes be difficult to understand. They hope to expand this feature in the future so that it will be easier to use. Plus, it could potentially help with language translation.

Since Glass will be on your face, it will need to be secure. Therefore, there will probably be a PIN system, similar to what you use to enter your secure information at banks or other places. You will be given a Glass application code to put on your Glass. When you take the code out, the Glass will lock so that others cannot look at it. However, the current system does not provide any type of protection against rain, wind, or even other people’s mistakes. Plus, the code needs to be changed when you leave the area.

There are many ways that the new Glass can improve technology. It will allow you to look up directions, search for information, and translate languages. However, it will not be as helpful as a real eyewear. Some people may not feel comfortable wearing something on their face all the time. If this becomes a problem, it may be a good idea to wait until users have a bit more confidence in the product. In the meantime, Google is making changes so that they can continue to improve it.