How Augmented Reality Will Shape Our World

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How Augmented Reality Will Shape Our World

Augmented Reality 2021 is now the most important year in the history of Digital Light Processing. It will mark the beginning of the next era of high-end digital solutions to a wide variety of technical problems and industries. The vision is to create a completely artificial reality which is indistinguishable from the real world. The technology is called Virtual Reality or augmented reality because the future of Virtual Reality can be defined as: combining the power of computer-generated images with actual sensory information from the real world. This will enable users to see their environment through the eyes of computers.

Researchers are currently trying to build state-of-the-art Augmented Reality platforms. This new technology will allow businesses to provide the user with many more visual choices, real time interactivity and more. Business owners can design their digital future, using the same technologies that engineers are using in the current market. They can incorporate GPS, LIDAR, scene capture, video capture, camera systems and surround sound in order to give the user the experience of being in their office. These technologies are already available in some consumer electronics but are still in the research stages.

Google recently invested millions of dollars into Metavision, a premier augmented reality company. Microsoft has acquired Lucidius, a high-tech augmented reality company. Cisco has also joined forces with Hyperfield, a developer of a new augmented reality platform.

There are three goals for this new platform. The first goal is to build an open standard based on the human brain. This is called the Human brain engine technology platform. It will collect and present visual data from the brain and then run it through the digital hardware of the Metaverse. The second goal is to run the Metaverse on mobile devices.

The last goal is to allow anyone in the world to access Virtual Reality. Anyone will have the ability to connect to the network. Since there will be a number of smart phones running on the platform, it will provide users with the ability to enjoy their virtual adventures without ever leaving home.

Google Cardboard and other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC are working together to produce this new augmented reality technology. They are going to partner with airlines, hotels and restaurants around the world. When you enter a restaurant for the first time, it will display your surroundings and let you know all of the things that you can do. Once you’re done eating, you can take your card and enter any place that the card could find.

This system is actually similar to what we now call augmented reality because you can see items that aren’t actually in the scene. For instance if you are taking photos of a restaurant. The photographer doesn’t really know that the restaurant is only a few blocks away until they click on the camera and then see a digital reconstruction of the scene just before the photo was taken. The same thing can be done with a video game.

People love to travel. However, they are sometimes apprehensive about travelling in a strange city. With these systems they can have a safe experience in a new location. Even better is the fact that the prices are cheaper during these trips. Think about it this way: If you go on a trip to Paris with your friends once a year instead of going to a 5 star hotel each time you could save a lot of money by getting a hotel that everyone loves instead of one with terrible reviews.

Since your body is able to see the world around you, this also allows you to feel your surroundings. Think of shopping at a mall. You don’t really know what is around you unless you’ve been there before or used an augmented reality system. There is no more running around and checking out all of the stores looking for something you want. When you go into one store to look at the shoes another store pops up right behind it and has the exact shoes you were looking for!

Imagine being able to have a conversation with people right in front of you. This is actually possible using the system on the headsets. What you have to do is point your finger in their face. The system will recognize you and then display you with the most common human facial expressions.

Now that you understand why augmented reality is important you should try and figure out how you can get a head start on creating one. It isn’t hard. Augmented Reality Games is available online for free. Just visit any site that has an augmented reality game and you will see what I mean. Just imagine being able to combine technology with art in such a way that it enhances the way you see the world around you.