How Does Augmented Reality Cost?

How much does it actually cost to have an Augmented Reality application developed and designed for enterprise? While it stands to reason that high-end augmented reality solutions would be priced at the top end of the enterprise mobile value chain, it can actually be achieved at lower cost. When it comes to costs, there’s no cut-and-dry formula — only differing estimates. When it comes down to it, each company’s needs are unique. Cost is a very important consideration when developing an enterprise Android app, but the key is to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

There are many factors to consider when calculating the actual augmented reality cost of a mobile application. One of the most important things to think about is your target audience — this is the people who will be using the app. Knowing who your audience is helps you determine what kinds of features you should include in your application and the approximate cost of incorporating those features into your overall development and testing costs. Knowing who your target audience is also helps you to estimate the ROI of your software development efforts.

When determining the augmented reality cost of your next application, consider not just the development costs of tools, but also your time investment as well. How much will it take to hire a dedicated designer or developer to help you develop your app and make it available in the market? How much will it cost to train your employees to use the various tools and programming interfaces you’ll need to create augmented reality apps? How much will it cost to integrate your mobile app with Google Maps or other third-party mapping software? All these things can significantly increase the overall cost of your augmented reality app development.

When you start your planning process for an augmented reality app, it’s important to think about your target audience as well. Will you be targeting college students or doctors or financial planners? Think about how the same basic idea behind an an app can be translated over to a mobile app — imagine taking a medical journal or magazine from your doctor’s office and converting that into a mobile app that lets users add pictures and videos, access Google Maps, tracks their appointments, searches the Web, and more. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about designing an educational mobile app targeting elementary school children, would that be more effective than a popular children’s app that incorporates lots of fun augmented reality features?

Another thing to keep in mind as you work through your augmented reality apps development is that there are three main types of augmented reality: real world, holographic and digital. Real world experiences include augmented reality elements like a photo-realistic street scene where cars move past; holographic elements like a scene of your home or museum where a 3D image of your pet appears; and digital elements like a game or a virtual advertisement that runs in the background. Typically, the most effective augmented reality experiences are real world because they force the user to think a little differently about how they are moving, what they are seeing and where they are looking. On the flip side, holographic and digital experiences are not as natural because they are typically created using computer software and do not require much interaction with the real world.

The second question to ask yourself when you’re figuring out how much does it cost to develop an augmented reality app is, what are my development costs going to be? Depending on your needs and skills, this will impact significantly on what kind of augmented reality app you choose to build. If you have extensive technical skills and aren’t afraid to code yourself, building a complex app using the programming language of your choice could be extremely cost effective. For those without this level of skill, it’s important to determine what components of your project you will be responsible for so you can create the app yourself and limit the development costs.

The final question you need to ask yourself when figuring out how much does it cost to develop augmented reality app development costs is, will people be interested in downloading your application? People don’t want to download applications that are ugly or just don’t stand out, but people will be more likely to download an application if it’s fun, creative and above all useful. You must also consider the demographics of your users and how likely they are to be excited by your application. It’s best to make your augmented reality app as entertaining as possible.

SDKs, or Software Development Kits, are available from numerous third-party software companies. Typically, these SDKs will include everything you need to create high quality augmented reality applications as well as technical instructions. If you’re working with an independent team, you may even want to hire a professional SDK developer to handle the development of your AR apps. However, for most businesses and individuals working with computers, an easy to use SDK is all that’s needed. In fact, the price of these SDKs will be less than half the price of hiring a professional programmer.