How To Choose The Best Smart Glasses For Fitness

It’s not just the best smart glasses for vision correction that make them a top choice for athletes and weekend warriors. They also have many other useful applications, too. Some of these glasses can even double as simple sunglasses! So, what are the key features to look for in the best smart glasses for fitness? Here are three things that I consider to be essential.

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The first is good light transmission. This feature is important for indoor activities like playing sports or reading books. Smart glasses will let you see your surroundings clearly no matter where you are. If they don’t have great light transmission, it won’t matter how many hours of exercise you get or what level of physical activity you do. Make sure your glasses offer 100% UV or polarized lenses, if you care about this type of feature. You’ll be happy to know that light transmission won’t change with age of the glasses, either.

Another important feature of best smart glasses for fitness is the ability to refract light. Like with regular glasses, the glasses will let you see things at different angles. And, if you don’t like the glare, you simply flip them over. You’ll find that the view remains clear. This is a great feature for those who play sports that involve long shots or those that involve close up shots.

And while fitness is important, there are a number of functionalities that the glasses can offer other than just seeing. Like regular glasses, they can help you with peripheral vision, though they magnify things. They can also increase your awareness of your environment and your body. And, when used in conjunction with a regular pair of glasses, they can also double as computer glasses.

There are some disadvantages to the glasses, however. They are heavy. They can be very difficult to put on and take off. They wear out after some use. And, although they have a clip on the back that attaches them to your prescription eyeglasses, some people prefer not to wear the clips because they feel like they are going to fall off.

And what about the glasses themselves? The best smart glasses for fitness are going to be lightweight and have a durable clip. If the glasses have a fold-up screen, it should be thin and easy to carry. They should be resistant to scratching. And, because they are smart, you should be able to read menus or use applications without having to take your eyes away from the screen. The glasses should have at least 99% glare resistance.

When it comes to fitness, many of the same features apply as with regular glasses. The glasses will have prescription lens protection to shield your eyes from UV rays. And, depending on the brand, they might include an anti-glare coating to give you a clearer screen. Many brands even include heart rate monitors, optical heart rate monitors and water resistant coatings in the frame. Most glasses will also include a built-in GPS receiver.

So, which are the best smart glasses for fitness? Hopefully, the top two selections offer the protection your eyes need and the features you expect from such a product. Look for a brand you trust and one that has a good reputation. If you do, these glasses will allow you to keep up with your exercise regimen and look great doing it!

Omron is considered the leader in the market for sports eyewear. Their line of professional sports glasses includes clip on options for golf, tennis and basketball. They also offer clip on options for fishing and running. These sport glasses are made to be lightweight, durable and comfortable. The clip on feature allows you to put them on over just about any head for different sports.

The other brand worth considering for best smart glasses for fitness is Spy. These glasses boast cutting edge technology and style. You can choose from progressive lens designs, full rimless styles and sleek designs. You can get these glasses with over 16 different sensor features, including a timer and heart rate monitor.

For ultimate comfort, consider the Tony Lama Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses. These durable glasses boast advanced comfort features. They are shock resistant and sweat proof. You can use them while you’re working out or exercising. Other advanced features include an antibacterial lining and air flow control. You will find these best smart glasses for fitness if you are looking for a pair that has style and comfort.