Live Augmented Reality

The future is here – it is the era of augmented reality applications and technology. augmented reality is about blending two or more virtual reality systems together. It has the ability to bring completely new worlds together, in which a single experience is mixed with data from other sources. Augmented reality has the power to bring completely new worlds together using a device such as a smart phone, iPad, laptop, gaming console, or a variety of mobile devices. In this article, we will explore how you can use augmented reality to your advantage.

The first step towards augmenting the real world around you is to learn how to implement it in your everyday life. With the help of Augmented Reality Software, you can add ANY content to the real world around you. The possibilities are endless. For example, you can scan a target photo on the internet or print promotional items showing the LIVE AR image and be able to view related content from a different location. This means that you are not restricted to viewing a certain place with a camera or any other fixed device; you can literally see what is around you, using your own eyes. This is the best way for someone who likes to travel, as they no longer need to leave their home to view scenery at a particular site.

The second step towards augmented reality usage is by creating business relationships with your clients and other businessmen around you. Let’s say you run a hair salon, which deal with cutting up people’s heads in different ways, as well as doing some tattoo removal. This would mean that you are a virtual assistant to your clients, as they hire you to do certain tasks based on what you can offer them. Can you imagine the possibility of having a client who is looking for a stylist that deals with removing his head from her body? You can bring this person into your virtual office and show him all the things you can do for him to improve his image in the real world, before he makes his decision of hiring you.

Another practical application of augmented reality is using it in your marketing campaigns, by creating 3D models of your business and your company. If you are the owner of a supermarket chain, you can create an interactive supermarket that having your products showcased. This gives your clients a virtual preview of what is going to happen, in the real world, when they visit your store.

You are already seeing applications of augmented reality everywhere. Nowadays, everything that you see can be a digital reality, because the internet of today is the biggest medium of communication. You could say goodbye to physical stores, because people can now shop online, get their shopping done, without leaving their homes. You could also experience augmented reality using Google Glass, which is coming soon to the market.

Applications of live augmented reality are pretty wide. For example, a fashion model walks into a store, picks her favorite dress, puts on her makeup and heads out the door. In the real world, she would probably walk to her dressing room, change her clothes and try them on. However, in the augmented reality, the model could see herself in different clothes and in the makeover, from head to toe. She would then decide which outfit looks best for her at that moment.

Companies have also found applications of live augmented reality by creating video games or reality simulators. They use the information they gather from the users of their apps, to develop their games, in order to be more engaging. A good example is the game called “Escape from Paris”, created by The Social Learning Lab. In this game, users can be given a map of the city, with a list of all the places of interest, while the game itself takes them through the streets. It becomes an interactive learning experience, where players get to solve real-life problems by solving simple puzzles.

Live augmented reality can also come in the form of software. Applications such as Google’s own maps application, Google Earth, Google Buzz, or Microsoft’s Bing are just a few examples. Software is also needed to create the virtual reality environment, but a company may purchase, design or develop a proprietary system. There are even companies working on augmented reality technology for self-driving cars. The ultimate goal for any developer will be to create an augmented reality ecosystem, one that seamlessly connects digital reality and the real world.