Making Smart Phones Work For You

Sony announced at its E3 show in Japan that it will be bringing augmented reality technology to its lineup of televisions. It will be using the technology provided by the headset, called the PlayStation 4, to deliver what is essentially a view of the world while the user is actively moving through it. It’s called augmented reality because the camera captures a scene and uses it as the basis for a computer vision system that allows the television to recognize where the user is in the real world. This is a step up from the idea that cameras and video recorders used to record the player’s movements, and may have been in use before the PlayStation 4.

sony augmented reality

One of the uses of this technology will come in the form of Eye Tracking. A person playing the game will look at an object in front of them using one or both of their eyes. The camera will then detect this movement and record it. The camera will then track that particular eye all the way around the screen. This means that someone standing in front of the camera will see the object of their choice when they move their eyes to look at it.

Another possibility in Sony’s augmented reality strategy could be in the area of augmented reality gaming. This basically means that the player’s hands will be tracked by the PlayStation 4 camera, which means that they can use their hands to play certain games. A good example might be Dance Revolution. A person would put on a dancing pad, hold their hands up to make the music work, then they would look at the camera to play a song.

With the introduction of smartphones to the market, cameras have become an even more integral part of our everyday lives. Smartphones are capable of doing many things that older “point and click” cameras could not. They can capture video, they can capture still photos, they can operate basic computers, and they can download content from the internet. All of this has made the smartphone truly mobile.

The same principle applies to Sony’s new AR mode for its PlayStation devices. When a person wants to play a sport or want to take a photograph, they do not have to get out of their house or go to a park to do so. A person can simply be sitting down in their house, on the couch, or on a bed and start playing their favorite game with their smartphone. This same principle should apply to augmented reality with the Sony PlayStation Camera. A person should be able to “see” their digital camera through the viewfinder on their smart phone.

Users of augmented reality with the Sony PlayStation Camera will be able to see their camera and controls through the Sony PlayStation’s user interface, which is currently known as the PlayStation Mobile. This interface allows people to see their camera through a transparent interface that is made of a material called polycarbonate. Because the camera is still relatively small and flat, there is not much of a difference between this material and a cell phone’s display. This material also allows the camera to be viewed in an unobtrusive manner while the person is actually inside the house or in the office.

What does this mean for the future of smart phones? Not much really. Since the Sony PlayStation camera and other devices are still pretty much in their infancy stages, it will not be long before these highly advanced devices come to the market. What we do know though is that augmented reality with these cameras will open up new ways for consumers to experience the world around them. Imagine being able to play tennis with your kids, taking a picture of your family vacation, or just enjoying a conversation in your living room while you’re on break from work. Since a person’s smart phone serves as their camera, this would be a truly remarkable experience that the entire family would enjoy.

Even though there are still some kinks to be worked out in augmented reality, it is already creating a new generation of consumers that are more accustomed to utilizing their smart phones. Smartphones like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and HTC Desire HD also offer high definition video recording. High resolution and high quality images to help users capture memories and make every moment special. Augmented reality with a Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and HTC Desire HD gives you the ability to live in the moment and catch those precious moments on your phone screen, no matter where you are.