New Smart Glasses – Are They Really The Best?

Perhaps one of the most hyped products that Google has launched to date is the new smart glasses called Glassbox. The main reason why the company launches products such as these two is because they want to penetrate and make their mark in the technology market. With these devices, the company hopes to give its consumers a new experience with the use of the internet and with Google. If you are an avid internet surfer and if you have trouble finding the best websites that offer high quality information and pictures, then these glasses might be your only answer. However, you need to know what you should do to get the most out of it.

new smart glasses

When you wear these new smart glasses, it does not mean that you will immediately see quality images and information. On the contrary, you might still experience some difficulty in viewing images. This is because the display is not built-in to the gadget. Therefore, you need to get accustomed to adjusting the settings to see better sound quality. To do this, you will need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

Adjust the focus – If you are using Google’s smart glasses smartphone, you will notice that there are two focusing mechanisms on the eyewear. One is the inward focusing lens, which is more common to smartphones while the other is the external lens that is mounted to the front of the eyewear. Although this new smart glasses have both, you can only see the things that are in the center of your vision. This means that if you are looking downwards and if you look downwards with the smartphone, you will only be able to see the lower part of whatever it is that you are checking out. If you would like to see everything, then you can simply turn off the “auto focus” function so you will be able to focus on what you are directly looking at.

Control the brightness – Although you can adjust the brightness of your smartphone or the lights on your eyes, there are times when you might not be able to see everything because of their brightness. For instance, during the daytime, the lights of your iPhone or the LEDs of the Samsung Galaxy S are already so bright that they might blind you even in daylight. The same thing applies for the new smart glasses smartphones like the iPhone and the new Samsung Galaxy S; these phones are also capable of being very bright so make sure that you can fully take advantage of the brightness settings on these phones.

Use as many senses as possible – Just like how many years ago it was the ability to see in the UV that made the infrared a good choice for a sight system, many years later with the addition of a new smart glasses mechanism called augmented reality brings many advantages. With augmented reality, the wearer is now able to use his or her eyes to see sights that aren’t visible to the naked eye. You may have seen this in movies such as The Matrix, where Neo’s eyes are digital projections of his entire body and he is able to manipulate the objects around him. This is just one example of the technology behind hololens and augmented reality. There are many other uses that you can find for this type of technology so it won’t be long until we start seeing more innovations.

Hololens and augmented reality are just two of the many years of research and development that Google has poured into this product. Last year they were able to acquire MetaNexus from Motorola for $12.3 million. This was later used in Google Glass, which has been released last year to the public. This was then followed by acquisition of Vuforia from Microsoft for another six figures. Next up, we should see Google working on Project Glass, its entirely new smart glasses project that will help users discover new things by using their eyes. These devices could be used for many years to come as the software behind them continues to improve.

Wear as many heads-up devices as you can – The other innovative feature of Google’s smart glasses will be the ability for them to change the content of the device to better suit your needs. For instance, you may wish to view the weather or sports news. By using voice recognition, you just say “weather” and have it turn up the news for you. It is amazing what is on offer at such affordable prices now, and we can only imagine what new smart glasses will be on the market in the next few years.

We are only at the beginning of the development of this technology – but it is looking promising and there is no doubt that by wearing these devices you will be enjoying a completely new sensory experience. It is well worth waiting for this technology to mature further, so that we can all enjoy it. Right now it is very popular with developers and industrialists, but it will take a while before it becomes mainstream. As things stand at the moment, though, it is clearly one of the best smart eyewear devices that you can buy, and it has a lot of innovative features to make you enjoy it to the fullest. The developers will do their best to keep it that way, but eventually it will probably come down to personal preference, as every person is different.