Why Are OGG Ard’s Popular?

Oggie ARDs is one of the most sought after sunglasses these days. The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about them is its name – Oggie. What exactly does it mean? It’s an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The company has been around since 1974 and they are one of the… Read More »

Be Careful to Choose the Right Glasses For Your Needs

Google Glass is the future of eyewear. The idea behind this fascinating piece of technology is to overlay digital information on the front of your eyes, like Google Glass does with the laser eye project. Imagine walking through the shopping mall with a headset that constantly updates the world around you. You see what is… Read More »

Why The Apple Holographic Glasses Is The Best

What if there was an apple smart phone that has the capabilities of mapping your route through the real world and also the ability to tell you about the calories that you have burned walking or running, as well as calculating the miles that you have been walking or running. This is a very intriguing… Read More »

Google Glass Alternatives

The first Google Glass alternatives are already here – and they are not going away anytime soon. The first Google Glass product was just launched last month, and so far there are more than a few dozen applications already available to those who want to be part of the new technology revolution. What does it… Read More »

How Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize Businesses?

Augmented reality pertains to the use of the technological platform called augmented reality. It refers to any technological platform which enables a user to interact with or manipulate digital data in order to perform some form of operation. In other words, augmented reality is a way to manipulate digital data in order to achieve some… Read More »

Wear Your Smart Glasses With Undereye Visibility Solutions

The first smart glasses for the workforce are slated to arrive in 2019. Vuzix, an innovator in high-resolution contact lens technology, has developed an advanced pair of eyewear that combines simplicity and accuracy. Vuzix’s new technology allows its users to read printed materials without relying on their eyes, much like traditional eyeglass lenses. Users can… Read More »

Apple Is gearing Up to Launch the Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

Apple Is gearing Up to Launch the Apple Virtual Reality Glasses Apple has just announced its new line of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses with a focus on the entertainment industry. These will hopefully reach the public sometime in the near future. An article entitled ‘The Information’ which reveals the inner workings of Apple’s new VR… Read More »

Public Augmented Reality Companies

Companies are joining the Private Industry Association for augmented reality (AR) business development to raise the level of engagement of their customers and clients. This concept is nothing new. However, as an industry we’ve seen a slow but steady increase in the technology being applied in this field. The Association brings together augmented reality technology… Read More »

Augmented Reality – Understanding How it Works

The Virtual & Augmented Reality Core (V ARC) supplies state-of-the-art augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) hardware for neuroscientists and social scientists to do psychology or social science experiments in the lab. V ARC’s five years of experience in hardware and software development has enabled us to build a system that is easy to use,… Read More »

IMA Augmented Reality Technology Will Change Travel

IMMy Augmented Reality is a system that uses the latest mobile technology to create an augmented reality experience. By combining digital and physical data, this system offers users a unique experience. A popular choice for advertising and entertainment purposes, the IMMy Augmented Reality platform uses the latest mobile technologies and clever optics to deliver an… Read More »