Wear Your Smart Phone While Swimming in the Pool

Epson Argyle DJI Inspire goggles bring together the benefits of DJI’s original line of DJI smart phones and combine them with precision-engineered DJI goggles for complete hands-free operation. The Epson Argyle DJI goggles have been crafted to work seamlessly with any model of DJI air or laser RC helicopter and come in three flavors that work as a blend of helicopter, airplane and remote control hobbyist vehicles. The Epson Argyle GPS headset utilizes advanced technology that enables you to not only clearly see your surroundings, but also to get your hands in the mix and make positive decisions about flight speeds, approach and landing. It also enables the flight capabilities of the helmet to extend to that of the goggles for better hands-free operation.

epson ar glasses

DJI goggles provide advanced real-time video streaming to your eye-level, which is critical to efficiently navigating and managing your RC vehicle and mapping your course. This innovative hands-free remote assistance system includes a touch-sensitive LCD screen and easy-to-find buttons, making it a simple, yet intuitive interface to use while out flying. In addition, the weather-proofing of the Epson Argyle smart glasses comes standard on all models. As always, the best place to purchase a pair of DJI Argyle smart glasses is online. While many online stores offer superior prices, it’s best to buy from a store that has a good reputation and offers fast and reliable shipping.

The Argyle DJI goggles are designed with an optimized blend of precision-engineered material and lightweight, high-performance rubber lens materials to deliver clear and crisp images every time. Ffor DJI drones, Moverio BT-3000FPV smart phone headset, Fuse HD virtual reality camera, DJI RZR-XIII camera, radio transmitter and receiver, and other accessories like the Fuse Connector and the Hype Clip are packaged in a slim, streamlined case that is convenient to carry and easy to connect and operate with. The Epson MixTrack Pro is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets that run on the Android operating system for optimal performance. You can use your smartphone as a video projector or a multi-media player, connect to a worldwide network of computers, and control your flights in real time thanks to the easy to use, one-touch interface of the on-board software system. Best of all, the built-in VoIP solution called Purevision IP gives you hands-free connectivity to any of the world’s top Internet services.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skills and experience as a pilot, you can try out DJI’s popular AR Drone peripheral. The DJI Aries XLR and Sazzy series provide hi-tech, full-featured smartphone compatibility. The Aries can be used with the Sazzy series as well as most third party apps and devices, allowing you to turn your smartphone into a remote control for DJI’s full range of goggles and microphones. The new AR Drone can be used by downloading the free AR Drone app onto your smartphone, which allows you to remotely control your camera system through your smartphone – perfect if you’re away from your airfield and in need of a helicopter view of your operations. And if you’re thinking about a new video camera or other high tech device, there are plenty of accessories from DJI to give you a wider range and more options.

Whether you’re looking for an action done or a more stylish model, DJI has it. The company has put out five different models in its AR Drone family including two professional models and two more in the midrange price range. The DJI Aries is perfect for the professional pilot who wants the best in technology available. The Aries will allow you to capture scenic views, capture your favorite sporting events, and provide you with crystal clear, crisp sound so you’ll never have to worry about getting feedback or missing a call. The real time display on the Aries makes it easy for you to keep track of your flight and how far you have gone.

If you’ve never seen a DJI drone before, it’s time to change that. The new augmented reality glasses by DJI give you the ability to view your flight in 3D so you can get a clearer picture of your actions in real time. Available with various accessory kits including goggles, a helmet, and microphones, the DJI Rokkaku Kit is the perfect companion to any pilot. The dual optical lenses of the halogens 2 help you view your surroundings in varying degrees of visibility. This helps you work your way from the airport to terminal quickly and with ease.

The Epson AR Goggles from DJI is another great option for pilots and drone operators. Available with the same precision-engineered construction as all DJI products, these smart glasses are built tough to withstand frequent wear and tear. The lenses have been specifically designed for long hours of continuous use, making the Goggles easy to use in comfort as well as effective when piloting a helicopter or drone. The AR Goggles also makes it easy to communicate with your co-pilot or other flight crew members in real time via their smartphones. They will be able to send updates to each other using their smartphones even while flying over remote areas where cell phone reception may be poor. The goggles have an integrated chip that transmits information wirelessly to a centralized receiver allowing you to use your smartphone as an interface with the real-time data feed from the eyes of your co-pilot.

If you’re a rock climber or a hunter who likes to practice their skills in relative peace, the action one glasses from Epson will be just what you need. These stylish glasses come with two vibration motors built in so you can shake off those pesky rocks without ever leaving your desk. The two vibration motors can also be activated manually if you find the need to climb steeply or walk across terrain that’s too hard to negotiate. The lenses in these action one glasses are coated with high-definition technology, ensuring that you get crystal clear vision no matter where and how you choose to use your smartphone as a remote monitor. With a large, fully illuminated screen on your palm, you’ll be able to easily make out every detail of your landscape. If you like to take photos of your favorite landscapes or take detailed videos of them, the built-in camera on the smart phone will allow you to do so without worrying about recording mistakes.