Wearables Like augmented Reality Gear For Smart Phones And Blackberries

Augmented Reality is simply the art of using existing technologies to create new ways of experiencing the world. This includes video gaming, augmented reality television, and much more. It is also known as Mixed Reality. With the help of advanced technology, the experience of living in the real world becomes more exciting. This has attracted people like never before.

Augmented Reality refers to the use of information, images or data from the real world to produce an entirely different result. For example, a gamer wearing an augmented reality smart phone goggles will be able to play a sport just like he would if he were actually using a camera mounted by his eye on the field. When an image of a golf ball is captured by the smart phone’s camera, the player will be able to view the ball’s spin, speed and other aspects of the ball as though he was actually standing on the green. By the same token, AR devices are used to create movies that may well contain special effects which could not otherwise be duplicated.

The concept of augmented reality is widely gaining ground as more businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to adopt it for their respective fields of endeavor. For instance, an eCommerce site may incorporate augmented reality smart phones with video cameras for the purpose of allowing the site visitors to have a live view of the products or services for sale. Video cameras have come a long way in the past few years, so the quality of the images produced by these devices is good. This type of technology can also be applied to other electronic equipment such as a PDA, laptop computer, tablet computer and other similar electronic devices.

Business owners may use augmented reality technology to hire new employees without spending money on expensive TV ads or newspaper advertisements. In fact, it is estimated that a business could save up to 30% of their advertising budget just by using this concept. Imagine hiring new employees and letting your employees go around to different places in the city and let them see and use products on display in your office. They can then bring back the images they saw on the smart phones to their office computers and use them for their own purposes. It is amazing how much time and money can be saved when employing this new form of technology to recruit new employees.

Companies may also use augmented reality gear to create their own digital maps for tourist destinations. A tourist going to London, for example, can see sights and features of the city on the digital map displayed on his/her phone screen. They will be able to get directions, buy a ticket or pay for the accommodation right from their phone without getting out of their cars. It may seem like a small thing, but it saves big on travel expenses and gas. This particular type of technology can also be used for business promotion by creating brochures, websites and other print media which include maps of the company’s location.

This kind of augmented reality gear has opened up doors to businesses of all kinds in new ways. By using the technology, they can now combine the physical world with the virtual world and make their workers’ work life easier. By combining the two, they can better serve customers and clients and expand their customer base at the same time.

Augmented reality gear for phones is already being used in many fields, including education, transportation, and business. The main reason behind this is that it will enable people to have access to GPS-based applications that will allow them to get to where they need to go in a quicker and more convenient manner. Businesses can also benefit from having this kind of technology because having an actual map on their smartphones will increase sales since most smartphone users prefer to have a map on their phone. Many people also prefer to have detailed maps on their smartphones than those which are simply featured on the phone’s default wallpaper.

There are many uses for augmented reality gear for phones and smart glasses in the future. For one thing, they can allow you to play augmented reality games and simulations on your biminis. These biminis are similar to the ones that are featured in the World War II movie Top Gun where Tom Cruise’s character gets his gun out and fires several rounds at his enemies in order to kill them. Although the technology used for smart glasses and biminis is far from the same as what is used for playing these games, they will still help you in a lot of ways. Also, it won’t be long before these devices will replace your smart phones and blackberries altogether and people will start looking for new ways to wearables like these.