What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Glasses?

What can I say about these new vaunt smart glasses that look normal? They are really so cool, they make you look like you are straight out of movies. And who doesn’t want to be like Tom Cruise, James Bond or Captain Jack Sparrow? These glasses are so trendy that they can change your image on a dime.

Just think about this for a second. Imagine if you could get rid of glasses or contact lenses altogether and look like Tom Cruise. You would immediately become the life of the party. That is the way these vaunt smart glasses are changing lives. But are they worth buying?

Well, the answer is yes. These smart glasses wearable tech company from Italy called Lucid3 have come up with a product called the Edge Optics. It is just so cool looking that some people have compared it to the visors worn by NASCAR drivers. If you know what you are looking at it really does look normal.

Now, let’s go back to the original question. Will wearing these glasses by Lucid change the world or change the future teachers? Let me tell you what I think about these new vaunt glasses by Lucid.

I think the vaunt glasses will change the world and change the future teachers. I see two things about these smart glasses. One of them being the fact that it will allow many more people to see everything. With glasses on your eyes you will be able to read the paper, Internet, emails, text messages and you will be able to drive. As you can imagine this opens up so many doors for people all over the world.

The other great thing about these glasses may also open up the future teachers. These glasses may not look normal to anyone outside the military, but they will be super cool to the future teachers. In addition to the glasses looking normal many of them will also have features like voice activation and be able to play musical games. Many of these vaunt glasses will also have GPS units built into them. This means that they will be able to navigate around the classroom and teach students without having to use a computer mouse or any other computer related devices.

So now that we have laid out both the advantages of wearing smart glasses by Lucid and how they could change the future teachers there are a few disadvantages as well. One of these disadvantages is the cost. Right now these glasses cost $300 but the price is still lower than that of many prescription glasses. As with anything else when it comes to technology it will eventually be cheaper to produce these glasses. However at this time there is no concrete information on when smart glasses will be made affordable to everyone.

The bottom line is that these smart glasses will change the way that we do things. While they may not be exactly the same as traditional glasses, they will certainly make our lives easier. There is no doubt that in the future computers and smart phones will play a huge role in our work. These two technologies will be integral to the work that we do. Therefore it is probably safe to say that if you were a teacher then you would probably want to invest in smart glasses that look normal.

Many people believe that smart glasses will be used by athletes and golfers, although this is not really possible. They are not meant for athletes and golfers. In order for them to function properly they will need a form of media that is lightweight, clear and flexible. These characteristics are all present in contact lenses. In fact the ones that are used by Olympic athletes are usually the same kind of glasses that you would use for reading a book or checking your email.

Finally it is worth mentioning that these glasses can also be worn by people who perform tricks on stage or in shows. This means that whilst performing they can be distracting to other people. It may not be an ideal situation but it is certainly one that can be overcome. Glasses are easily breakable, so breaking one during a performance is not impossible. Therefore whilst they cannot break if they are damaged, they are easy to lose.

The advantages of wearing smart glasses are numerous. As we have mentioned they are lightweight and comfortable. They can easily help people with eye strain, headaches and eye fatigue. Also if you are a sports person, you will be able to avoid serious injury if you use them. If we look at the disadvantages too, we can see that there are very few and are not as likely to be experienced as the advantages.