What Can Google Smartglass Do For You?

Smartglasses, also known as smartpens, are computer-generated glasses which add data to what the user sees or is told. Rather than traditional eyeglasses, smartglasses can be defined as computer-generated glasses which can alter their optical properties in real-time. With the additional information provided by the smartglasses, the user can be better guided while navigating through virtual reality environments.

google smart glasses

Google has invested a lot of time and money into this device. Early Google explorers have already announced that this product will roll out to users over the coming months. It was only recently that Google bought the mapping application Waze. The purchase of Waze was seen as a move towards the prevention of accidents related to impaired driving. Smartglasses have the potential to revolutionize the field of navigation. They can also be used as computer screen overlays for those who are hard of hearing.

The idea behind Smartglass is similar to other computer technologies like Project Glass. Invented by a group of researchers led by Surgeon Chris Urton, the idea behind the device is to use light-based technology to project images on the eye instead of the more traditional methods. This light information is then interpreted by the retinas in the eyes to help them see the world around them. The images are made up of red, green, and blue which are each combined with different aspects of the environment. The combination of these factors gives the impression of natural imagery. Smartglass looks similar to prescription glasses but is less cumbersome to use.

As yet, there are no plans to release the product for the general market. Instead, Google is testing it with a select group of testers. The company is releasing a consumer version of the product this summer. The developer community will be able to receive updates and future software updates free of charge.

So what can you do with the information projected by the smartglasses? The most obvious application so far is using it as a walking aid. With a GPS-enabled chip in the unit, the user is able to find their way through various situations. This can be extremely helpful for those with memory problems or those who are visually impaired.

Another area of interest is in education. Students in particular often benefit from the technology because they can take notes or perform class research right on their computer. They no longer have to lug around a laptop or a notebook to get their work done.

Health care is also becoming part of the experience. Users can keep track of their cholesterol levels without taking their doctor’s advice. They can also check their blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. As amazing as that sounds, these devices also have benefits for patients with physical disabilities. Because they are so lightweight, the elderly can now use them to walk and can also get around safely.

Many more applications for smart glasses are coming forward all the time. Google is constantly adding more features. At the moment, it seems like the company is leaning more towards interactive applications. It’s unclear just how far these applications will take us, but with the help of Google Glass we may see a whole new world opens up to us. Just be sure to download the free software before trying it out!

There are already several applications available for smartglasses. One popular one is called Latitude. This application allows you to download maps from any location around the world and view them on your Google Glass. You can then take your glasses off to browse the web or view any pictures you want. This is definitely the future of technology.

Another application, called Google Sky Map, is also pretty neat. Here you can access the sky and get satellite images of different locations. You can also find your way around town using this handy navigational tool. If you ever find yourself lost, you can contact people you know by sending them a message or calling them on your Google+ account.

Although Google is still testing the first generation of these smartglasses, the future looks very bright for them. Soon, you won’t have to carry around a laptop or smart phone to gain access to all the information that you need. Instead of carrying tons of items with you everywhere you go, you’ll only need your smartglasses to get around. This will save you both space and money, making smartglasses a must have gadget in the near future.