What Can This New Technology Do For You?

Industry experts in the industrial sector believe that the future of manufacturing lies in augmented reality wearable technology for industry. This is a term coined by John Jackson from the Industrial Internet Forum. We will call this concept Augmented Reality Wearables. In fact there are already industry players investing heavily into this area. Some of these include:

Google has invested a lot of money in the Project Glass project. They have developed this software to be used in the eyewear market. Apple has also invested a considerable amount of money in their own AR software. Wearable technology like smart phones, digital signage, GPS systems, cell phones and televisions will run on augmented reality wearable technology.

One of the biggest investments into the industrial sector so far is by Samsung who has created an interactive project visor called Gear VR. It is said that this will work as a palm pilot so the user does not need to be a professional pilot to fly a plane. Samsung has produced a number of consumer grade Gear VRs that are available online. The response has been overwhelming with the consumers saying that it is much more comfortable to wear than a pair of glasses.

Some companies in the industrial sector such as AIM Global have also invested in augmented reality wearable technology for industry. They have developed eye tracking devices to help locate workers in hazardous environments. These devices can detect hazards such as chemical spills or other dangerous materials that may cause eye injuries. Once alerted the worker can then safely evacuate the area. These eye-tracking devices can also detect hazards in areas where there is low light so this helps to ensure that people are able to work safely even in the dark.

There are also a number of medical and dental applications of augmented reality wearable technology for industry. In the case of the medical industry there is the incorporation of sensors that provide real time information on the condition of a patient. This includes the heart rate, temperature and blood pressure of an individual. These are normally connected to a laptop or personal digital assistant via a wireless network.

Augmented reality technology can also help with rehabilitation. This technology is currently being tested by the Navy’s 3D Human Resources Department. The goal is to create artificial intelligent computers that can act and think like a person would in a rehabilitation setting. For example a doctor might program the computer to assess the conditions of a person as they are injured so that they are better able to treat them. It is believed that once fully developed these computers will be used by the Navy to assess a person’s health in the field.

In the case of the dental field this technology can be applied to many things. One application includes making prosthetics and dentures more comfortable to handle. By using the information provided by the computer to map the user’s mouth the prosthetics will be made more comfortable and easy to use. The same idea is used in making glasses and contact lenses easier to wear by taking data from the environment around the user. This allows for more natural looking and more comfortable Glasses and contacts than is possible with traditional materials.

Augmented reality wearable technology is a relatively new idea. It is still being developed by different companies but the potential is great. These types of applications will help doctors do their job better and consumers will find them more useful. As time goes on more companies will be developing these types of technologies. Some day soon glasses and other electronic accessories may be made entirely using these technologies. If you think this is going to be your future please read the article about augmented reality wearable technology.