What Is Augmented Reality?

As the augmented reality platform for mobile devices continues to evolve, the possibilities for developers is only limited by one’s imagination. Just as the concept of “the cell phone” transformed communications in terms of location, messaging and calling, augmented reality is going to do the same for augmented reality applications on mobile devices. This represents an incredible opportunity for consumers and software developers alike. Consumers will have access to a wide variety of high quality applications while those with programming skills can create the next generation of augmented reality applications.

augmented reality iphone

Augmented reality works with the understanding that the human mind is extremely complex in its workings. We know more about the internal structure of the human brain than any other scientific knowledge known to man. While it’s unknown how all of this information will fit into an iPhone, Apple’s new device is taking steps toward answering the question: what if I could take the information that my mind is processing right now and plug it into an application on a tablet computer? By combining touch screen controls to display pertinent information, this technology could revolutionize how humans interact with their devices.

With this development, it may be possible to conduct business in the real world through our smart phones. It may also be possible to access maps and street addresses. Developers who are creative and intuitive may be able to use this technology to create entirely new industries. One such industry would be transportation where you could utilize the information from your Smart Phone to not only find your way home, but to plan your trip, find a cab or simply get where you’re going at a much faster rate.

It’s important to understand the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. Augmented reality is the use of information displayed on a display system that is able to recognize patterns and understand a person’s hands. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t require the user to actually be somewhere to make use of these types of applications. It’s comparable to having your GPS navigation system on your car; it’s not just a matter of looking where you want to go.

On the other hand, virtual reality is a computer program that uses the computer hardware to present a user with an experience that is similar to being inside the real world. For instance, when you put on your Google Glasses and point them at a restaurant, they will look at what you have selected and give you a suggestion as to where you should go. If you want to go upstairs, you simply point the device at the stairs and it will point you in the direction you need to go. There are endless possibilities for this technology. Just imagine what a bartender might be able to do with it to offer you better service.

Although some people are still skeptical of augmented reality, many are already using it every day. We all have become so dependent on technology that we have trouble remembering what it was that we were even doing several minutes ago. A child today can play video games while his or her parents are busy making dinner. A movie can be chosen and watched while another movie is playing in the background. In addition, with social media becoming more popular every day, more people are posting information about the places they are visiting on their Facebook pages. This information becomes extremely valuable to the person in need of the information.

Augmented reality software has already been developed that allows users to look at images on the computer screen from specific locations by using a map or a photo of a location. In addition, other applications are currently in development, which will allow for the downloading of images, videos, and other items straight to your phone through Bluetooth. This will allow you to not only see the location of where something is located in real time, but also add additional context by displaying additional information about the item, such as its price or tags.

It is also very important to realize that augmented reality will continue to evolve and expand. As new technologies are created, new applications will be developed to take advantage of these technologies. What one individual sees as a great idea today, may become a reality very quickly. As our world continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to have access to information wherever we may be. As individuals continue to use this type of technology to enrich their lives, we can all look forward to even greater advancements.