What Is Google Glass Like Devices?

Google’s new Glass has gotten a lot of attention recently with its ability to record videos, navigate and read emails. In fact, the device seems to have everything you need in a smart phone, plus the added bonus of being able to look at your email or watch a video anywhere in the world. What’s next?

google glass like devices

Google and other companies are working on new devices that can be used for many things. It might not be long before you see these products on store shelves. Here are some of the more likely future Google Glass like devices.

– Cell Phone: This is a very futuristic device. It will be able to do what a cell phone does today, but it will allow you to call and text from any place with an Internet connection. You will be able to take pictures and videos. This type of product could be very cool, but only if it were in the form of a smart phone, not a phone like a PDA.

– PDA: This device could become much more than a “tablet replacement.” It could be one device that acts as a laptop, desktop, GPS, camera, calculator, personal organizer and many other functions. One day, this device may even be able to be used by voice recognition.

– Handheld Computer: If you don’t have a desktop computer and a laptop, then you may want to consider having a handheld version of the two. It can act like a portable tablet PC, except it will be able to function as a small computer. This type of product may be the next Google Glass.

– Mobile Phone: This type of Glass like device will be able to make international calls. It could be a small phone that you hold in your hand. You would be able to make phone calls using the speaker and then make a choice between email, web browsing and music. It would probably have a touch screen display and be similar to a modern cellular phone.

These are only a few of the wearable computers on the horizon. The fact that Google is working on the Project Tango project in South Korea to map the brain means that these types of products may also come in the near future. These wearable computers will allow you to be able to interact with technology in ways that are impossible today.

Eventually, these devices may be the answer to having a phone that looks like a phone but acts like a PDA. We’ll just have to wait and see. There are many different designs, including phones with cameras on the outside as well as ones with built in speakers.

Wearables are going to be the most talked about topic for the next few years. They are going to continue to grow in size and scope as developers continue to improve them.

The technology behind wearables is very new and it’s expected to get better over time. There are many companies that are working on the next generation of these devices.

Some of the most exciting wearables include smart watches, eyeglasses and headbands. One company is creating a technology that will allow people to see their hands while they are sleeping.

Some of the biggest companies are currently creating wearables, and other companies are trying to develop technologies that are smaller and more portable. I’m sure there is something out there for everyone.

I really can’t wait to wear my Glass when it comes out. If you think I will be interested in anything wearable, you should give me a call and talk to me about it.

If you are interested in wearable computers, there are two places that you can go to find out more information. The first place to check out is Google itself.

The second place is the official website of the developer. You can ask questions, read blogs, and get the latest news about Google Glass.