What’s New With Augmented Reality Research and Development?

If you’ve been following the augmented reality research and development projects of companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on, you may have noticed that many of these products and services seem to be coming up right now. So, how can all this work to benefit us, and why should we care?

Google has launched its “Knowledge Graph” which helps people find information by simply typing a query into their keyboard. This is a huge benefit to people who use the service because it allows them to find relevant information with a single search. Imagine if everyone could just type in the question they are looking for into the Knowledge Graph search box and get an answer to that question within seconds.

Google also released its image recognition technology, which can allow people to search for images using simple keywords or phrases. Imagine being able to look up the history of a particular event or person; Google has already rolled out a tool that can be used to do just that.

Microsoft has released its own search engine called Bing, and it is currently using the Internet explorer’s functionality as part of its search function. Microsoft has found that its Internet Explorer version is not able to meet the demand for web searches at this time, and this is where Bing comes in.

Apple, in addition to its search engine called Apple Maps, has also developed its own mapping tool which allows people to browse through maps in different cities, counties, and even countries. The interface is very user friendly, especially compared to Microsoft’s Explorer.

If you have been following the Google Wave project, you will have seen Google releasing a number of apps which allow you to share pictures via the Internet. This is particularly useful for businesses because it allows them to easily create social networks that can be used by a vast amount of users at the same time.

Apple has recently released its very own mapping software which allows businesses and individuals alike to use the mapping function from its own iPhone. Not only is it a great way to search for maps, but this can also be used as a way to share images and locate locations of locations which can be very useful for those searching for certain items or destinations.

Augmented reality research and development is something that has been going on for a while now. It seems that more companies are using this new technology to help us with everything from finding people to tracking our packages to keeping track of the world around us.

There is still no official browser from Mozilla for Internet Explorer. Firefox already has a browser and Chrome and Safari both have built in browsers as well. We’ll probably see the third major browser come along in about a decade or so.

Google, however, seems to think it has taken the lead in augmented reality technology with its Wave project, which uses a browser-like feature known as Project Glass for Internet Explorer. This means that it lets you surf the web and perform other functions with your finger or even your voice.

The concept behind Project Glass is to use the camera on your phone to make the web experience seem real. In a way, you would be able to browse the web through your mobile device and get an experience similar to browsing the Internet on the real web.

You can also experience augmented reality by downloading games, videos and other applications onto your phone. These applications can allow you to interact with the digital world around you. These experiences can be made by third party developers or created by Google, but they all work similarly.