Why Do Smart Glasses Replace Smartphones?

Smart Glasses are here to stay, as we enter the next decade of mobile technology and computer science that promises even more advancements. The great thing about smart glasses is how affordable they are – much cheaper than prescription glasses, even when purchased by an adult with vision-challenged vision. The great news is that these advances in technology are not just going to make them go away. In fact, they’re here to stay.

In the future, the look of smart glasses may be different, but they will still be affordable smart glasses. Maybe not all of them will look like sunglasses, but some of them will. You’ll be able to pick and choose which ones you want. You may have to pick several colors or styles.

When talking about affordable smart glasses, one example is that of the Visx line of smart glasses called Visxyn. They are actually 3 different models of smart glasses that are equipped with different technologies. For example, one model is equipped with a small camera on the temple, one model has a microphone, and another model does not. So, basically the same technology is in play, but the way it is packaged and worn is slightly different.

The way the Visxyn glasses work is pretty amazing. First, they use your phone’s GPS system to track where you are. This way, they can tell if you’re walking in the right place, what you are seeing, and if you need to take a different route. Once they know this information, the next step is for them to make use of the Phone App to do the things that you would normally do in real life.

For example, they can order you a drink, tell you which restaurant has the best meal choices, etc. Of course, they have you track your pulse rate with a built-in microchip, so they can make use of the Nike technology to help you win a race. As mentioned above, the technology used here uses the smartphone for augmented reality, so you are really holding the phone the way you would normally hold it. Once this is done, all you need to do is glance at the phone like you would a real smartphone to access all of its functions.

This is why it is surprising that the price for these smart glasses comes in such a reasonable package. You are getting the complete functionality of the iPhone for just a fraction of the cost. It also allows you to run all of the apps that you typically use on your smartphone, as well as some that you might not have considered before. Now, because these glasses might be worn like regular glasses, you are going to want to use your iPhone to turn them on and off, so you won’t end up using your wristwatch. However, you can also use your wristwatch to take pictures, videos, or play YouTube.

Just because the price is reasonable doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing anything. You will still get plenty of features from your affordable smart glasses, which is more than you can get from smartphones. In fact, most smartphones don’t have many features at all, especially compared to what these glasses offer. For instance, you can pair your pair of glasses with an HDTV for a true virtual entertainment experience, because you can easily use the iPhone’s video button to go to the YouTube video section instead of having to use your smartphone’s video app. This makes using this technology even better than it already is.

Another benefit to the affordable smart glasses is that it allows you to get a full head start when it comes to augmented reality. Augmented reality has been around for quite some time already, but the addition of high-tech glasses means that people will soon be able to completely eliminate their need for smartphones and iPhones. Instead, people will have to carry around these glasses, even though they will have everything they need on their fingertips. The added advantage to this is that the glasses will also allow people to see things in a way that cannot be seen through conventional lenses, which will make them much better at activities such as playing games and taking pictures.