Will 3D Augmented Reality Glasses Replace Glasses Any Time Soon?

3d augmented reality glasses

Will 3D Augmented Reality Glasses Replace Glasses Any Time Soon?

With augmented reality glasses you will be able to virtually travel around any location in the world and view everything there. This technology has been around for a while, but it has only gained more popularity with the introduction of smart phones with camera functions. Now with a smart phone technology becomes more advanced, this type of gadget is becoming even more popular. Augmented reality glasses are essentially a set of digital glasses that have been surgically made to work with your smart phone or other device. You will see digital images of anything that you can move your head into. Basically, these glasses will let you see the world through the eyes of a computer.

Think about what it would be like to be able to drive through every city, town, or country in the world. You can turn the volume up high and hear the noise from every street. You can zoom in and out of any scene. The images are created digitally, so they will have a three dimensional effect, like when you look through the viewfinder on your digital camera.

These glasses have also revolutionized education. In schools they are using them to help students prepare for various subjects. Teachers have been able to add digital text to PowerPoint presentations, so that the students can read the words as they are being presented. They can play flashcards with word definitions on them to reinforce what is being taught. Imagine being able to walk into a classroom and instantly understand whatever is on a whiteboard. That is exactly what you will get with augmented reality glasses.

These glasses can also be used to play games. By using the built in gyroscope you will be able to rotate the camera so that you are looking at the game in 3D. If you throw the ball towards the goal, it will curve around the screen. You will be able to aim the ball to hit the goal and score a point.

Sports also see a lot of development with augmented reality glasses. Golf is just one example. As many professionals lose their sight on the golf course, they now have digital alternatives. They are no longer limited to trying to see in the sun to get a better vantage point. With augmented reality glasses, they can now get a true sense of depth.

This means they won’t be putting the club away in their pockets or car pockets. The glasses will be worn like glasses. That means no more digging through your pocket to get one. They will be able to track the ball in the air, as it falls to their eye. It is amazing what technology has done in such a short time. We are only seeing the beginning.

Gaming has been one of the first applications for augmented reality. Video games such as Pokemon and Guitar Hero use this technology to give you the experience of playing the game while actually exercising at the same time. You are literally walking through virtual terrain while battling your virtual enemies.

Software engineers are hard at work refining the new applications that are being created using augmented reality glasses. Some applications already have been released to the public and are receiving rave reviews. This software could mean the difference between a great idea or a flop. I think that all business people would want to invest in such a wonderful technology.

Augmented reality allows you to see not only the world around you but also the world around other objects. Think of your neighbor walking right into your shop without even realizing it. How cool is that? No more worrying about someone bumping into your display or glass. Imagine what it could do for you. Do you have what it takes to operate a computer?

Computer vision is getting better everyday. We have all seen the computer screen in our office or at home. If we don’t know how to use it, we are lost. What if there was a way to see the computer without having to use any eye glasses or contact lenses. This could have a tremendous impact on how our world works.

This technology may take some time to become commonplace in our homes and offices. If you enjoy gaming, perhaps your dream computer could include a video game playing field with augmented reality technology. Video games are a fun pastime for many people. It only makes sense that they would incorporate this technology into their devices. You will soon be able to step right into the world of gaming and still have full vision.